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thx for keeping his legacy alive, i love patrice, hes great
Still hurts... missing Patrice every time I hear stupid comedians complain about their relationships .
After abit of a prang in my motor, on the M62 in Northern England , a couple of years ago (11th Feb 2014 to be precise) My best mate picked me up from the hospital whilst still in my gown thing they put on you at some point with my 34 year old lily white arse- is it hanging out? Barley covered? Anyway I couldn't of give a Chinese shite as my pilisophical head was born. I waffle on, I know that but basically I stumbled whilst in discovery upon this great man Patrice who you all loved. This man was the catalyst that got me up and out again. The analogies and laid out thought process is very similar to mine. I'm not insane! Patrice O'Neil's was a good man and his love is still spreading far and wide. A ripple passed under the great Humber Bridge in Hull, England and may he live on forever. That laugh as well....!! Much love and rip big lad. (Please delete if this shouldn't be here........the urge to write just did it..!)
There's a difference between telling funny jokes and just BEING funny... he was both from the videos I've seen... wish I could have met him and just been around him to heal... every time I feel depressed I watch him.