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Ant needs to grow his stash back
i think your fly is down lol
Patton is listed at 5'7". Jimmy too. Something's not right there.
Patton has a banana phone.
Where is little Jimmy going? He is evaporating.
Anthony looks like a freak with his new fake teeth. HAHAHAHAHA
just cause you bought those choppers doesnt mean we all need to see them so much Ant !! Rich Vos now has more ammo !! ..................................OH NO !!!!!
Anthony looks like a cancer patient..I didn't even recognize him!
those are some mighty expensive looking choppers there, Ant. But nice.
Looks like Maria is pointing to the only one with a shot...
Ant looks like he should be wearing a robe while enjoying a cup of broth.
Ant looks like the grim reaper is not far behind...
Wow, Maria is perfect.